Get Hollywood and Sweet Jesus Oysters

Hollywood and Sweet Jesus oysters are sold primarily through distributors for availability at your favorite restaurants.
(Distributors please see below.)

Hollywood and Sweet Jesus oysters are available by the dozen, 50, 100, etc. in Hollywood, Maryland at:

Snellmans General Merchandise
25201 Sotterley Rd
Hollywood, MD 20636
(301) 373-2776

Hollywood and Sweet Jesus oysters are available in the continental USA via overnight express:
         Update: We are in the process of building this page. If you would like a quote please email us
                      Please remember that we may be on the water!

If you are a distributor and would like to know about Hollywood or Sweet Jesus Oysters don't be shy to say 'hi':

Tal Petty                 Ho Oy! Hollywood Oysters
Hollywood Oyster Company, LLC
P.O. Box 575
Hollywood, MD 20636
+1 (301) 710-6396 x1

Sweet Jesus Oysters     


As part of Hollywood Oyster Company's commitment to the environment; we were one of the very first to use a recyclable water resistant shipping box. 
The box uses an aqueous coating optimized for a wet shipping environment.  And it's pop open design, with no staples, makes it easy to fold and remove from your kitchen when it's time to order more Hollywood Oysters.
Update: unfortunately these shipping boxes did not hold up to the weight and moisture of oysters on their way to and in your favorite restauants..
We are actively seeking alternates to the industry standard of waxed boxes for fresh seafood and produce.